Save time.
Boost traffic.
Grow Your Tribe.

Become a social media ninja, loved by your community, envied by your peers and adored by your bank manager. 

Simply Smart Social is a platform that makes social media management a breeze for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Recycle Your Content

Pick your best evergreen posts and schedule them to run and run.

Curate Other Content

Share the stuff your tribe will love, from all over planet Internet.

Grow A Loyal Tribe

Grow an engaged community with the right content for THEM.

Connect Your Apps

Integrate your online world by adding your apps and profiles.

Engage With Your Tribe

Monitor respones and engage directly with your people from inside the dashboard.

Track Progress With Stats

Stay one step ahead and get all the stats you need to create the right strategy for you.

Simply Smart Social is an agency grade tool with a small business price.


  • Grab content through 'Connected Apps' and choose from 100's of integrations across the web.
  • Grab your own content to share time and time again. 
  • Schedule your content at times to suit you, then leave it to work it's magic. We'll give you the optimal times for your tribe.
  • Share to each network natively, we'll even suggest native features like polls to boost your engagement.
  • Listen to your tribe's responses and engage directly with them from within your dashboard.
  • Get follow and unfollow suggestions from us to help you grow your community. You can even find fans of other people like you to engage with. 
  • Get simple, clear analytics to help you to understand how things are working for you.
  • Set yourself goals with our in-built daily goals feature that prompts you to take action every single day.
  • Save time with automation, so you can get on with what you do best. 



Which social networks do you work with?
We're currently connected with Twitter and Facebook and over the next few months will inlcude Intagram, Google Plus, LinkedinIn, Tumblr and more. 

How long are your contracts?
There are no contracts, you can cancel whenever you like (we don't think you will though).

How many accounts can I manage?
As many as you like! 

As this is a new tool, will you be taking feature requests?
Yes. If a feature has been requested enough times by our customers, we'll prioritise it. We want to make this tool the best it can be for you.



We're launching soon.

If you'd like to be one of the first in, join our waiting list below.